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“Because it unlocks value for both Suppliers and Buyers, which otherwise would be lost – and makes a social difference.”

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It makes it much easier to create relationships with target new clients.
INNOVO provides an opportunity to reach out to target key customers, with an offer to join a FREE network where they (the Buyers) can save money. This is different than bombarding them with offers and sales pitches. The primary issue for all Suppliers is developing a relationship. Suppliers know how to sell, but the first and hardest step is to establish a relationship with a company that otherwise does not respond.

INNOVO is a new free sales channel – lowering the cost of acquisition
There are no fees, charges or such to join, list, accept or communicate on INNOVO. Through INNOVO, everyone can save, both Buyers and Suppliers, but Suppliers have great opportunities in reducing the customer acquisition costs and the ability to sell wasted spare capacity. These savings can go to the bottom line or can be shared in the form of INNBATEs with prospective key Buyers.

Cost effectively minimize wasted spare capacity
INNOVO allows Suppliers to sell wasted spare capacity. With all the costs associated with customer acquisition, it can often be inefficient to sell capacity due to the added sales expense incurred on top of the existing fixed operational costs. By making surplus capacity available on INNOVO for free, it can easily be offered without additional cost, thereby increasing efficiency.

Supplier savings across all of its procurement can exceed the INNBATE offered.
The INNBATE offered is just a portion of what the Supplier saves from:

  • The saving in wasted business development costs
  • Efficiently selling unutilised capacity.
  • The cost savings that INNOVO can make on all of the Supplier’s own procurement.

The service is completely free to the Buyer and without any obligation to buy.
Not only is the service completely free, INNOVO pays the Buyer cash INNBATEs – a share of savings achieved by the Suppliers through using INNOVO.

INNOVO can reduce costs from existing and new Suppliers.
Suppliers providing INNBATES as a result of their own cost savings translates into reduced costs to the Buyer. At the same time, INNOVO enables Buyers to pool their procurement with other Buyers creating economies of scale previously not possible. Even the biggest companies only buy for themselves, and sometimes even individual divisions purchase separately. INNOVO enables Buying companies to pool this buying power across the entire market, by increasing volume while saving sales costs for the Suppliers. INNOVO unlocks the benefits of consortium buying without the need to establish consortia.

INNOVO can source everything an organization needs.

  • ALL goods and services, direct and indirect
  • Management talent and manpower
  • Capital expenditures, including capital goods and property

INNOVO brings in trusted new Suppliers.
It is risky for an organisation to buy from a new and unknown Supplier. Buyers can now assess the performance rankings of potential new Suppliers from other Buyers on INNOVO.

INNOVO makes Procurement a profit centre.
INNOVO’s vast buying power enables it to negotiate price INNBATEs from Suppliers, which are paid by INNOVO directly to the Buyer’s company. This makes the procurement function a profit centre within the organisation as it delivers regular and increasing cash payments from INNOVO.

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