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Invest in a Share of Savings

Where the Savings Come From

Normally return on any investment happens down the road, often years after the initial investment, but with a Share of Savings Investment, returns start within weeks or months with a starting ROI of 2.7x paid monthly.

A Share of Savings Investor introduces organisations to INNOVO and receives a share of their savings whenever they buy or sell through INNOVO. Investing between $1m and $100m secures Share of Savings at Introduced organisations with total sales revenues of $10 billion - $1,000 billion respectively. The Investor can introduce organisations of all sizes. The Investor’s Share of Savings is paid monthly by a ‘Big 4’ accountancy firm. The projected ROI is 2.7x over 3 years.

The amount of investment determines pro rata the combined total revenues of Agreed Organisations in which the Investor is acquiring an interest. At present, each $1m of Investment acquires Agreed Organisations’ with total combined revenues of $10 billion p.a. Up to $250m of Investment is available.

New Direction

How are the returns generated?

  • Buyers save by enabling their Suppliers to find new customers, multiplying their buying power
  • Suppliers save sales and marketing costs and efficiently sell spare capacity
  • This creates the savings that are shared collectively

Share of Savings Investors:

  • Nominate and introduce established companies with predictable sales and spend
  • Receive returns for three years, underpinned by transparent legal contracts, paid monthly paid monthly by a "Big 4" accountancy firm
  • Benefit from ability to influence the cashflow returns - unlike equity or debt
Satisfied Buyer
The Key to unlock savings

Unlocking value is straight-forward

  • Proven in commercial trials with major corporations
  • Invest from $1m upwards and secure Share of Savings at organisations starting at $10 bn bn sales
  • Ability to test and switch nominated organizations to maximise returns on your investment
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