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Position Title:
Corporate Entrepreneur
INNOVO Innovation Ltd.
Significant & Uncapped, with generous Innovation Vehicle Shareholding
Work Type:
Contract (The successful candidates must have their own registered company)



INNOVO Innovation commercialises innovation through a Management Buy-In in a corporate environment. It is setting up Innovation Vehicles (IV) with major corporates in most sectors on a global scale. These innovation vehicles and their Corporate Entrepreneur Leadership Teams are backed by venture capital. A Corporate Entrepreneur invests $25k from either a corporate sponsor or other supporting investor (or his/her own resources).

Innovations are commercialised through MBI's via innovation vehicles with major corporates. It has access to millions of different sources to find proven innovations and new technologies for organisations of all sizes. Corporate Entrepreneurs work in these substantial innovation vehicles deploying the most promising innovations and new technologies can be deployed for their corporate partner. The Corporate Entrepreneurs have an uncapped share of the substantial value that they add to corporate partners through the vehicles which are backed by large-scale investment. The Corporate Entrepreneurs also earn stock options in the vehicles along with ongoing partial exit opportunities.

The Role and Responsibilities of a Corporate Entrepreneur:

Corporate Entrepreneurs take proven innovations and new technologies from the Company’s many sources and deploy the most promising ones at major organisations for an uncapped fair share of the value that they add. Corporate Entrepreneurs ideally will have an entrepreneur’s mindset coupled with experience as a senior corporate executive. They represent the best talent from the corporate world who thrive at the leading edge of change and innovation. They are ambitious and highly driven, often frustrated with the constraints of the corporate treadmill and impatient with internal politics. Corporate Entrepreneurs are self-starters who drive the projects that they believe in. There are several ways of becoming a Corporate Entrepreneur:

  • Employer: Your employer sponsors you through the Corporate Entrepreneur Programme to deploy innovations at your employer. Fortunately, there are innovations and new technologies ready for immediate deployment so that you can demonstrate early commercial potential. If your employer is a major corporate with revenues of over $500m, this can be the first step to setting up a Corporate Cyclone vehicle with us.

  • Other Organisations: Join one of the organisations interested in recruiting Corporate Entrepreneurs to deploy the Company’s innovations and new technologies. If the organisation is a large corporate, this may be with a view to forming a Corporate Cyclone Innovation Vehicle.

  • Innovation Vehicle Investor: An investor investing in a vehicle before the corporate partner has joined can recruit Corporate Entrepreneurs with the Company.

  • Freelance Corporate Entrepreneur: You can go through the Corporate Entrepreneur Programme either with an investor sponsoring you or financed with your own resources.

Corporate Cyclone Innovation Vehicle:

Having rapidly proven your capabilities as a Corporate Entrepreneur, you can join an Innovation Vehicle (IV) between our Client and a major corporate. Corporate Entrepreneurs can leverage the customers, brand and operational scale of a major corporate by joining an IV with each of them. They are called Corporate Cyclone IVs because they deploy the 5 driving forces that are making the Tech Tornadoes so successful at disrupting industry after industry:

  • An ambitious, driven Founder/CEO with a passion for innovation
  • The best global talent (Corporate Entrepreneurs
  • The proven innovations and new technologies screened by the Company
  • A long-term strategy with the corporate partner
  • Access to $ billions of venture capital

Further details can be seen by going to the video tutorials as highlighted on the INNOVO Innovation website.

The Corporate Entrepreneurs Program:

If you believe that you have the entrepreneurial passion. the corporate experience and above all, the talent to become a Corporate Entrepreneur in a major Corporate Cyclone IV, you are invited to apply for the Corporate Entrepreneur Program. This comprises four core components, which are executed in parallel:

  • Acquire the Company's know-how and IV Processes
  • Start leveraging the commercial inputs
  • Access corporates, innovations and investors
  • Full commercial engagement of the Company’s capabilities

Depending on their objectives, the Corporate Entrepreneur can do some or all of the following:

  • Demonstrate the skills to deploy these capabilities with:
  • A corporate sponsor as a precursor to setting up a Cyclone IV
  • Other organisations of different sizes to start accruing streams ahead of a IV
  • Raise the initial investment needed to support an application to the Company to become the Founder/CEO of a cyclone IV with a major corporate

There is a one-off cost of USD 25,000 to participate in the Program. There are two routes to fully financing your transition to Corporate Entrepreneur so that you continue to meet all your existing financial obligations:

Corporate Sponsor You can persuade your employer or a major corporate interested in a IV to sponsor you through the Corporate Entrepreneur Programme ($25k fee). Fortunately, there are innovations and new technologies ready for immediate deployment so that you can demonstrate the commercial potential to the corporate partner even before the IV is set up.

Initial Investor You can raise the initial capital for your Corporate Cyclone IV as a proposition for your industry from an investor such as a PE firm, investment bank or corporate finance house. This enables you to approach multiple corporate targets in an industry in order to find the right partner.

Respond to:

Please respond with your up to date CV/Resume/Executive Profile to Ian M. Franklin, Global Head of Talent, INNOVO Network: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. After initial screening, shortlisted candidates will be invited to an initial 90 minute on-line interview with the Company's CEO and the Global Head of Talent, during which they will explain in detail the Corporate Cyclone IV and the Corporate Entrepreneurs Program.

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