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Company Overview

INNOVO's companies were set up in 2011 with the objectives of simultaneously:

  • Radically improving the way that innovation and new technologies are screened and commercialised. (INNOVO Innovation)
  • Streamlining B2B commerce. (INNOVO Network)
  • Investing in good causes. (INNOVO For Good)

INNOVO Innovation discovers, screens and commercialises innovations and new technologies from countless different sources. It connects innovations and new technologies to corporate buyers at two levels:

  1. Through INNOVO Network where innovators sell to new customers in different markets.
  2. Through INNOVO Innovation where the most promising innovations or new technologies can enter into a joint venture with INNOVO proactively submits it to INNOVO's corporate network.

INNOVO is a free online platform for business-to-business commerce that generates savings for both Buyers and Suppliers through an anonymous aggregate buying model. INNOVO simultaneously enables:

- Buyers to save
- Suppliers to sell more and improve their margins
- Large new income streams for Good Causes.

The model works for both existing and new Suppliers and virtually all goods and services. INNOVO fits alongside any existing processes and systems.

Both INNOVO Innovation (10% of income) and INNOVO Network (14% of revenues) channel a proportion of their incomes into good causes via INNOVO For Good.

Major corporates can now deploy the driving forces that are making the Tech tornadoes so successful at disrupting industry after industry. INNOVO can connect corporates in any industry or geography to the best global talent, large scale capital and the latest innovations and new technologies by setting up a Joint Venture (JV) with each of them. They are called Corporate Cyclone JVs because they deploy the same driving forces that are making the Tech Tornadoes so successful.

Branding and Logos

Note to all: INNOVO is always in capital letters, please do NOT spell INNOVO any other way.
Logos available upon request from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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