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New Clients & A New Era In Communications

Marketing communications is the standard, Suppliers reaching out to Buyers. Time and effort spent generating leads for a Client.

Buyer communications is the new thing. Reaching out to your Client's Suppliers with the message of "We can enable you to save and to sell more if you share some of the savings with us.” Instead of looking for the needle in the haystack that is currently in the market to buy. Who doesn't want to save money and sell more?

Buyer communications turns the process around in a totally new direction: Buyer to Supplier. Buyer communications also multiplies the number of potential clients for marketing agencies. So, instead of searching for leads, is now generating value for the Client as a Buyer, with the opportunity for the Agency to do the same for the Suppliers as well. This way the Buyer adds to its bottom line, the Supplier generates more sales, and the Agency creates more revenue. A real win-win-win.

Watch the video to learn exactly how it works...

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Where the Savings Come From

New Direction

New services, new clients, more revenue

  • Buyer Communications is a new service to clients
  • Your clients (as Buyers), pay you fees as normal
  • Fee justified by the client’s ROI from savings generated
  • Opportunity for new clients offering this new service
  • Receive commissions on transactions between Client and Supplier
  • Self generating with Suppliers wanting a Buyer Communications program

Additional offering = Unique USP for Agency

  • Capture both sides of commerce with both marketing and buying clients:
  • Customers for marketing clients are potential buying clients
  • Suppliers for buying clients are potential marketing clients
  • Creates additional opportunities with existing Clients
  • Viral new business generation from work for current Clients
  • Creates a point of difference against other Agencies
Satisfied Buyer
The Key to unlock savings

Why would this work for me?

  • Allows a new and different service to drive business
  • Find new clients - by referral or organically
  • Works in any industry with any client - big or small

NOT too good to be true...

  • Communicating savings is much easier than finding new customers
  • Current savings across all categories averaging 17%,
    Bank of America saved 25% on employee training
  • No cost or obligation to, why not try it?

Getting started with INNOVO

To learn more about INNOVO and works specifically for a Buyer, see "Buying with INNOVO." Otherwise, to help answer some additional questions you may have, we've outlined some of the more frequently asked questions below:

So start getting more clients by offering an INNOVO Buyers Communications program. Remember it is easy and at no cost to you.

Where the Savings Come From
Get started now...
Be more competitive, make more sales

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