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INNOVO - a New B2B Leads Channel for Marketing Agencies

INNOVO a new ‘Leads Channel’ that finds customers simultaneously for all your B2B clients. Invite any target customers to join INNOVO so they can save on all of their spend. When they are ready to buy any of your clients’ products, they can post up a procurement request which you can pass to your client as a lead.

INNOVO Works for All B2B Customers

a New B2B Leads Channel for Marketing Agencies

INNOVO offers savings to any organisation that buys (all sectors: private, public and non-profit). It also makes it easier for companies who sell virtually any goods and services to other organisations (B2B). It is free to both Buyers and Suppliers.

Buyers make it easier for Suppliers to sell to them by telling Suppliers when they are ready to buy. Buyers buy together with other Buyers from the same Supplier generating economies of scale. This enables the Supplier to efficiently sell unsold wasted spare capacity. Further information on how INNOVO works for Buyers and Suppliers: How INNOVO can disrupt any industry

You can invite target B2B customers to INNOVO with this proposition. Think of it as a new B2B ‘Leads Channel’ which works in parallel to your existing client marketing campaigns.

Current and Future Leads for Your Clients

When the customers that you’ve invited are ready to buy ANY of your clients' products, they post up a procurement request. This is a lead for your client.

Each customer invited to INNOVO becomes a source of current and future leads for ALL of your clients. Besides yielding current leads for your clients, INNOVO simultaneously captures future demand from target customers as well. They can post up their demand later when they are actually ready to buy.

New Client Acquisition

There are two ways that you can use INNOVO for acquiring new marketing clients:

  1. Use Leads to Win New Clients
  2. INNOVO produces for leads for virtually all B2B goods and services. These leads are very valuable for new client acquisition. You can approach a new target client with leads for their products as part of your pitch to them. This is a particularly useful way of breaking into a new client which is not thinking about changing from its existing marketing agency.

  3. Scan INNOVO for Clients Using it to Buy Marketing Services
  4. When a client is ready to buy marketing services, it can post up a procurement request on INNOVO which you can respond to. Having expertise in knowing how to use INNOVO itself to generate new B2B leads would be an advantage in winning these clients.

    Besides using INNOVO as a new Leads Channel, you can use it to:

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