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Investing in INNOVO

INNOVO, the New Global Commerce is poised to change the way we think of Business to Business Commerce. Currently, three opportunities are available for investors anxious to participate in INNOVO's growth as outlined below:



Access to Class B shares which offer full economic participation in INNOVO’s growth.

Best for:

All types of investors with an equity investment appetite.

Share of Savings Investment


A new instrument that enables investors to nominate and introduce established companies with predictable sales and spend and to receive returns for three years based on their INNOVO savings.

Underpinned by transparent legal contracts, paid monthly paid monthly by a "Big 4" accountancy firm

Best for:

Well suited to investors with an ability to influence a portfolio of businesses as they are able to benefit from their ability to influence the cashflow returns - unlike equity or debt.

See Share of Savings Investment for more information.

High Yield Zero Coupon Bond


A zero coupon bond with a contracted high return, as bid for by the investor.

A callable bond with the minimum maturity of one year and a maximum of 10 years.

Unsecured and unsubordinated (senior) security

Best for:

Suits investors with appetite for high yield fixed income. Retail and Institutional investment denominations available in three currencies:

Retail £10K $15K A$20K
Institutional £100K $150K A$200K
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Contact us here for more information on Investing in INNOVO and to request an Executive Summary.

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