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“Interested in saving on satisfying your claims

Even with existing suppliers?"

Insurers save by enabling your suppliers to find new customers

New Direction

Save on Claims Spend immediately

  • Invite your existing suppliers (or new ones)
  • “If we introduced you to new customers who would buy a lot more from you, would you give us collectively a better deal?”
  • Leverage the buying power of multiple companies
  • Receive new savings, paid to you in cash monthly
  • - managed and audited by 2 of the Big 4 accountancies

Nothing is easier to implement + immediate savings

  • Post up a copy of your procurement request
  • Invite your existing (or new) suppliers to respond
  • Negotiate as you would normally
  • Receive additional cash savings
  • - Existing suppliers’ terms and prices remain in force
  • - Works for buying all goods and services
Satisfied Buyer
The Key to unlock savings

Real savings…

  • A buyer with an existing telecoms supplier started saving immediately
  • Bank of America saved 25% on employee training
  • Current savings offered averaging 10% across many categories

…but would it work for you?

  • Savings for you and policyholders
  • - even with existing suppliers
  • Uses any supplier, simple to implement
  • No cost to you, no obligation.....So, why not try it?

Getting started with INNOVO

Before getting started, let's first go over what you can expect and how to best use INNOVO to get the maximum benefit for your company.
INNOVO is unlike Amazon, Ebay, or Alibaba. INNOVO saves money for both Buyer and Supplier down the supply chain and then creating qualified leads from companies ready to purchase. INNOVO links together Buyers, ready to buy a certain product or service, with Suppliers that have it available.

Where the Savings Come From

Savings (INNBATEs) by industry

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