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INNOVO Policies and Provisions

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How the Network Ensures Fairness


INNOVO’s Core Ethos

At INNOVO, we are passionately committed to fairness and transparency. This commitment is manifest throughout the Network:

  • All of our decisions are subject to external independent dispute resolution which is binding on INNOVO. This dispute resolution is fast, fair and far less expensive than litigation. It enables both sides to swiftly get back to working together retaining trust and good working relationships – outcomes which are so often lost after bruising litigation.
  • The Network is owned by the individuals and companies that have helped to build it. This is achieved by issuing share options in the Network in addition to paying contingent fees. The share options which are subject to availability are currently issued at a rate equivalent to 2 times the fees charged.
  • All of the projects are subject to independent audit.
  • We are prepared to revisit contracts if their outcomes are not commercially fair.
  • All of our partnerships with other companies are commercially over-ridden by what is deemed to be fair. This fairness is adjudicated by independent audit and then by independent binding dispute resolution.

INNOVO’s Legal Framework

This is our constitution and principles of governance. Every decision that we take and every one of our activities is subject to the following levels of oversight and governance: -

1. Transparency

All of our decisions and activities are transparent to those parties that they affect unless there is a compelling reason for confidentiality. Examples of confidentiality would be client commercial confidentiality, personal issues of an executive, confidentiality around intellectual property, etc.

2. Independent Audit

Our transactions and projects are subject to subsequent, independent audit. The auditors can for example, over-ride allocations or disbursements on the grounds of fairness.

3. Right of Appeal

Even after an audit, an individual or company can appeal a decision or outcome.

4. Binding Dispute Resolution

If after stages 1, 2 and 3, we cannot reach agreement with the company or individual, we go to fast, binding independent dispute resolution, e.g. CEDR or ACAS. The decision of the dispute resolution body is binding on INNOVO.

There are very few commercial organisations which submit their decisions and activities to such comprehensive and rigorous independent oversight and external control.

Legal Agreements and Contracts

It makes our contracts and agreements short and simple because:

  • They focus on the terms of the agreement.
  • They do not have the usual many clauses trying to anticipate every eventuality in the future - ‘If this happens, then the outcome is…..’. It is almost impossible to anticipate every combination of outcomes. Instead, the parties to our agreements deal with them as they arise. Agreement can be reached on the basis of what is fair and this is audited. If agreement still cannot be reached after the auditors view, then the parties go to swift independent dispute resolution which is binding on INNOVO.

This reflects our passion for fairness. It is this foundation and the trust that it builds that is our greatest strength.

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