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INNBATE Functionality

As you know, an INNBATE is INNOVO's version of a rebate, but it is so much more powerful than that. Here is some more information to give you a deeper understanding of this unique aspect of INNOVO to increase sales, profit and profit margin for Suppliers - while saving Buyers money

There are two types of INNBATEs:

  • Volume INNBATE
  • Volume INNBATEs are offered to one and all generally, buying together through INNOVO to increase sales overall or used to sell spare capacity efficiently. Any and all Buyers that purchase from that specific Supplier through INNOVO will benefit from the Volume INNBATE, similar to how you save in a consortium or buying club, but we'll explain this too later in more detail.

    For a deep dive into Volume INNBATEs, see Volume INNBATE working example

  • Customer INNBATE
  • Customer INNBATEs are offered to specific Buyers against a specific request as incentive to accept the offer from this specific Supplier. This INNBATE is solely for that particular Buyer's request, and is on top of any Volume INNBATE that may exist.

    For a deep dive into Customer INNBATEs, see Customer INNBATE working example

Why would and how could a Supplier offer an INNBATE?

  1. As general business practice
  2. Any Supplier may offer an INNBATE simply as part of a sales strategy. Much in the same way that stores may have holiday or grand opening/anniversary events.

  3. Savings in Sales Costs
  4. There is an inherent cost of selling your product and services. This cost is included in the price any Buyer pays. If and when a Supplier can save all or part of this cost, they can pass that saving on to you, the Buyer.

  5. Reducing Spare Capacity
  6. Above and beyond normal sales costs, eliminating spare capacity is problematic, in that the costs increase with additional sales costs, above and beyond the costs already incurred. If and when a Supplier can save all or part of these costs, they can, again, pass those savings on to you, the Buyer.

  7. Saving as a Buyer
  8. Literally all Suppliers are also Buyers. They need to buy things as part of either running their business or producing their offering. If and when a Supplier can save all or part of these costs, they can, again, pass that savings on to you, the Buyer.


To see how INNBATEs would effect you, try our INNBATE Simulation

Take the next steps in the INNBATE process and begin saving and sharing with INNOVO.

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