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For All B2B Transactions

INNOVO can be used for all goods and services including:

Automobiles & Parts
Capital Goods
Components - Every Industry
Construction & Materials
Consumer Goods
Courier Services
Customised or One-Off Purchases
Electronic & Electrical Equipment
Equipment - Every Industry
Facilities Management
Financial Services*

Food and Beverages
Government Services
Health Care Equipment & Services
Healthcare Products*
Household Goods
HR Services
Industrial Engineering
Industrial Goods
Industrial Metals & Mining
IT Hardware
IT Services
IT Software
Legal Services
Leisure Goods

Logistics and Shipping
Machinery - Every Industry
Marketing Services
Office Supplies
Paper and Packaging
Personal Goods
Professional Services
Raw Materials
Resourcing & Recruitment
Support Services - Every Industry
Water & Utilities

*The only exception is for regulated products and services such as in finance and pharmaceuticals.
  • For Use by Organisations of all Sizes
  • INNOVO can be used by organisations of all sizes to buy and sell, from the biggest to the smallest. This includes non-profits and organisations in the public sector.

  • Procurement Requests of All Sizes
  • It can also be used for procurement requests of all sizes – simply invite the Suppliers that you would consider buying from to join INNOVO and offer you a share of their savings.

  • Any Levels of Volume Savings (INNBATEs)
  • Suppliers can Offer Volume INNBATEs for the smallest values of product right up to $ billions.

  • Any Currency
  • INNOVO INNBATEs can be offered by Suppliers in any currency that forms part of the transaction with the Buyer.

  • Any Mix of Different Goods and Services
  • The Supplier can offer an INNBATE on a single product or service or an INNBATE which is applicable to a whole range of goods and services. Unlike usual consortium buying models, the Buyers’ collective spend is aggregated in currency, not by specific product. This can enable Buyers to benefit from Volume INNBATEs together even though they could be buying totally different goods and services from the same Supplier.

  • Targeted Offers for Individual Customers
  • Supplier INNBATEs are confidential so the Supplier only offers INNBATEs to the new customers that it would like to sell to. Different Customer INNBATEs can be offered to different customers. The Volume INNBATE is offered by the Supplier to multiple customers collectively.

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