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Cooperation vs Adversarial Commerce

INNOVO - the New Global Commerce is based on the premise that cooperation is the key to solving the Problems that INNOVO Addresses to unlock value, which otherwise would not come into existence.

The New Global Commerce, via INNOVO, improves the way the world does B2B trade. It is able to do so via its Platform Business Model where Buyers and Suppliers cooperate to create and share savings - and make a difference.

A feature of Traditional Commerce is that it lacks collaboration between Buyers and Suppliers. This gives rise significant levels of waste. Sources of this waste include; the practice of Suppliers bombarding Buyers with sales and marketing efforts and spare capacity, which remains unsold. Another feature is the win-lose nature of the negotiated outcomes between Buyers and Suppliers. Often a win for a Buyer in reduced cost of procurement comes at the expense of lost margin for the Supplier.

By contrast the New Global Commerce - via INNOVO’s B2B ecosystem enables a win-win-win outcome. Buyers and Suppliers both win and the source of this value is the savings that Suppliers make from Buyers, making it easier for Suppliers to sell. The third party in all of INNOVO’s B2B trade transactions are Good Causes with over 10% of INNOVO's income benefiting various Good Causes.

Suppliers will also be able to save on their own procurement costs, as they are Buyers, too.

The INNOVO platform has solved the sought after benefits of consortium buying without having to establish consortia.

Cooperation vs Adversarial

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