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INNOVO is a business which aims to be a sustainable force for good.

It is a business for the sustainable good of everyone who works with it and for society. Maximising and balancing the sustainable good that it creates for all its internal and external stakeholders is its primary goal. Profit is a by-product of this primary goal, profit is not the primary goal itself.


At INNOVO, we are passionately committed to fairness and transparency. This commitment is manifest throughout the Network:

  • All of our decisions are subject to external independent dispute resolution which is binding on INNOVO. This dispute resolution is fast, fair and far less expensive than litigation. It enables both sides to swiftly get back to working together retaining trust and good working relationships – outcomes which are so often lost after bruising litigation.
  • The Network is owned by the individuals and companies that have helped to build it. This is achieved by issuing share options in the Network in addition to paying contingent fees. The share options which are subject to availability are currently issued at a rate equivalent to 2 times the fees charged.
  • All of the projects are subject to independent audit.
  • We are prepared to revisit contracts if their outcomes are not commercially fair.
  • All of our partnerships with other companies are commercially over-ridden by what is deemed to be fair. This fairness is adjudicated by independent audit and then by independent binding dispute resolution.


INNOVO is not a charity, it is a business which aims to be a sustainable force for good in society as well as for its other stakeholders.

As part of our mission, we elect to divert over 10% of INNOVO’s own revenues (4% of INNBATEs) to Good Causes. We might be forced to change it for, say, economic reasons at some point in an unforeseen future, but this 4% is to continue as long as it can be balanced with the sustainable good of our other stakeholders.

An INNOVO Good Cause can encompass anything which we believe benefits society. These encompass non-profit and for-profit organisations. Some examples of Good Causes include:

  • Charities & Non-profits
  • Clean technologies
  • Sustainability projects
  • Fair trade
  • Education
  • Medical research
  • Innovations which improve society

We are transparent about which Good Causes receive a share of INNOVO’s income and who nominated them.

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