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How INNOVO can disrupt the MarComs Industry

INNOVO is an Airbnb/Uber type, free platform for Marketing Communications Agencies which:

  • Is a new Leads Channel finding new customers simultaneously for all of an Agency’s B2B clients.
  • Offers substantial new income streams for an Agency while generating money for Good Causes.
  • Opens up Buyers as a major new client type for an Agency alongside its existing Supplier clients.
  • Enables an Agency and the media to monetize content.

The INNOVO Platform

INNOVO offers savings to any organisation that buys (all sectors: private, public and non-profit). It also makes it easier for companies who sell virtually any goods and services to other organisations (B2B). It is free to both Buyers and Suppliers.

Buyers make it easier for Suppliers to sell to them by telling Suppliers when they are ready to buy. Buyers buy together with other Buyers from the same Supplier generating economies of scale. This enables the Supplier to efficiently sell unsold wasted spare capacity. Information on how INNOVO works for Buyers and Suppliers: How INNOVO can disrupt any industry.

A New Leads Channel

INNOVO is a new “leads channel” that finds customers simultaneously for all of an Agency’s B2B clients. The Agency invites any target B2B customers to join INNOVO so they can save on all of their spend. When these customers are ready to buy any of its clients’ products, they can post up a procurement request. In this way, when an Agency invites a customer to INNOVO, it is simultaneously capturing demand for the products of all of its B2B clients.

New Income Streams

INNOVO offers substantial new income streams to an Agency. As a Marketing Affiliate, it receives a share of introduced customers' total spend and sales through INNOVO for 12 months. This covers virtually all goods and services. In this way, the Agency can earn an income from any introduced customer even if it doesn’t buy from any of the Agency’s clients.

In a $100 million turnover company, that could be as much as $10,000 over 12 months. An additional $10,000 is also raised over 2 years for Good Causes through INNOVO.

Buyers as a new type of Client for Agencies

Marcoms Agencies usually work for Suppliers to help find them new customers. This work is paid from the sales revenue generated. In addition to this, Agencies can now work Buyers helping them to communicate the INNOVO platform to their Suppliers. This work is paid from savings generated for Buyers. These savings can arise as soon as a Buyer starts using the platform, even by inviting existing Suppliers already under contract.

Monetizing Content

INNOVO can be used in any industry generating savings for Buyers and sales for Suppliers. An Agency or media channel can become a Marketing Affiliate and produce content about how INNOVO can disrupt different industries. Companies joining INNOVO as a result of seeing the content count as introductions by the Affiliate who receives a share of introduced customers' total spend and sales through INNOVO for 12 months.

Early Adopters

A B2B customer can only be introduced to INNOVO once. An Agency adopting INNOVO ahead of rival Agencies is going to generate higher sales for its B2B clients and more income for itself and for Good Causes. This can in turn lead to more new clients, client Buyers as well as client Suppliers.

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