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INNOVO = new consultancy opportunities

INNOVO presents a multiplicity of new consultancy service opportunities

INNOVO Opportunities for Consultants

INNOVO opens access to multiple revenue opportunities for consultants. The INNOVO value proposition for B2B Buyers and Suppliers is compelling and far reaching. To gain the full potential on offer from INNOVO, organizations will benefit from external expertise to unlock it.

Consulting firms are very well placed to assist current and new clients, as the consulting toolkit is well suited to extract the full value from INNOVO. Initially, via the deployment of INNOVO and thereafter to use it to its full potential for the client organisation.

Access to these value-generating opportunities will not require building new consultancy competencies from scratch. Most consultants will have the required capabilities in their toolkit already.

In many cases, clients will seek consulting support to help them deploy INNOVO in their businesses. It seems likely that the consultant that introduces a client to INNOVO will have a good prospect of securing this implementation support work. This is a natural continuation of the relationship journey that commenced with the introduction of INNOVO.

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Enhanced services portfolio

  • Applicable to all your commercial clients
  • Leverages existing competencies and contacts
  • An attractive offer for new clients
  • Creates value for them without needing to incur additional fees...
  • ...while adding to your bottom line through their savings
Satisfied Buyer
New Direction

INNOVO is unlike any other B2B platform you’ve seen

  • Share in the value from connecting your clients to other organisations
  • Opens multiple value creation opportunities
  • Access to new clients
  • Expanded project potential
  • Additional income streams
  • A fresh source of income without cost and additional clients
The Key to unlock savings

Why would this work for me?

  • Opens the door to new clients with leading edge offer
  • New additional revenue stream without any cost to all clients
  • Provides growth and additional performance improvement for all of your clients

NOT too good to be true...

  • Bank of America saved 25% on their employee training
  • The accounting firm MacIntyre Hudson saved 22% on their electricity
  • Current savings offered averaging at 15%
  • Free to use, without obligation
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