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Benefits for Buyers

There is a world of benefits for Buyers when using INNOVO in their procurement process. Here are some of the top in bullet points:

  • Immediate savings on existing contracts with existing suppliers
    INNOVO can be used to generate savings immediately with existing Suppliers and existing contracts
  • Substantial cost savings on all goods & services
    Net savings averaging 10% are being offered to Buyers
  • Covers all B2B procurement
    For use by organisations of all sizes, for ALL goods and services and any size of procurement request
  • Proof of actual savings in cash payments
    Savings are paid to the Buyer in cash by a ‘Big 4’ accountancy firm, audited by another of the ‘Big 4’
  • Use existing procurement processes
    INNOVO works in parallel to existing procurement processes, like a ‘club’ card
  • Raises money for Good Causes
    All INNOVO transactions raise money for Good Causes with over 10% of INNOVO's income benefiting various Good Causes.
  • Fund the expansion of the procurement function
    The cash savings and new income streams can be used to expand the procurement function

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