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Create lasting connections with target new clients

In the world of business, connections mean everything.

Using INNOVO to Win New Customers

The big question for all sales people - How do I make a connection with that target new client? Networking events, content offerings, referrals, all serve a purpose. But by using INNOVO, you can make that connection by simply inviting them to join you on a Network that allows them to save money on all their procurement. What could be more valuable than saving money? What’s more, once you are both on the Network, the next time your client is looking for something that you have in your product line, you will be the first to know.

INNOVO is unlike all the other platforms where suppliers "advertise" for clients. INNOVO has turned the process around where Buyers post their needs instead of the Suppliers promoting their wares to the market. Suppliers can elect to respond with a tailored offer to a specific Buyer. The offers incentivize the Buyer to bring you more and more business since INNOVO is tailored to reward them if you make more sales. The offer by each Supplier is confidential and is separate to their price structure, and only disclosed to a Buyer if you choose show it to them.

In this way, INNOVO links Buyers, ready to buy something, with Suppliers that have it available. So, INNOVO is counterintuitive. Instead of wasting time with those who are not in the market to purchase, INNOVO allows you to focus on those key unresponsive target customers, build a connection with them and then let them chase you for an offer.

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New Direction

Stop prospecting, create leads instead

  • Invite your unresponsive targets:
  • “We can offer you savings, because we save ... you can save too, even from your existing suppliers.”
  • Reach out to your existing Suppliers with:
  • “We can offer you savings, because we save, plus ... If we introduced you to new customers, would you give us collectively a better deal?”
  • Respond proactively to any Buyer requests

Increased sales with more qualified connections

  • Eliminates wasted resources on leads that go nowhere
  • Makes selling spare capacity economical
  • Increasing rather than reducing your margins
The Sales Team
The Key to unlock savings

Would this work for me?

  • Brings in unresponsive target clients
  • - Financial Times gained Bank of America as a new client
  • Finds demand for spare capacity without marketing
  • - Telecoms supplier with existing buyer received immediate new leads
  • Offer what you want, when and if you want

Free to use, without obligation...why not try?

Getting started with INNOVO

Before getting started, let's just review some commonly asked questions about using INNOVO in the sales process

Ok, I've found savings, and can offer an what?

So start finding new customers now…simply click on the button below to post your first INNBATE and begin reaching out to your unresponsive target clients. Remember it is easy and at no cost to you.

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