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New Direction

WHY does INNOVO exist?

  • INNOVO exists, to be the NEW GLOBAL COMMERCE,
    to deliver Savings and Sales for Businesses and Cash to Good Causes


  • INNOVO is a free online platform for business-to-business commerce that generates savings for both Buyers and Suppliers through an anonymous aggregate buying model. INNOVO simultaneously enables:
  • Buyers to save
  • Suppliers to sell more and improve their margins
  • Large new income streams for Good Causes.
  • The model works for both existing and new Suppliers and virtually all goods and services. INNOVO fits alongside any existing processes and systems.
Satisfied Buyer
The Key to unlock savings

HOW does INNOVO work?

  • Three aspects to how it works, INNOVO:
  • is Buyer initiated, Buyers inform Suppliers what and when they ready to buy
  • consolidates procurement spend at a sales value, not specific item, level for all Buyers from a particular Supplier
  • enables Suppliers to sell wasted spare capacity via a confidential rebate without adding selling costs.

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