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“...platform businesses, from [taxis to hotels and more], whose spectacular growth, abruptly upended their industries.”
- Harvard Business Review, April 2016

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Your Suppliers create and share new savings...

They waste money bombarding many targets with sales and marketing to win a few new customers..

High selling costs leave them with unsold wasted spare capacity which is an additional cost.

Both of these costs are built into their prices to you, the customer.

Introduce your Suppliers to INNOVO netting them new customers for free and then share in their savings in wasted selling costs and selling their wasted spare capacity.

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Using INNOVO as a Buyer is easy

  • 1 - Notify ALL your Suppliers about INNOVO
  • 2 - Suggest they post an INNBATE / share of savings
  • 3 - Works within your existing procurement procedures,
      like a club card. No need to change anything.

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Suppliers to realize savings from:

  • 1 - Reducing sales & marketing costs
  • 2 - Selling spare capacity
  • 3 - Their own procurement savings

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Grow your sales and increase your margin

Free access to new customers with a confirmed need to buy now enables sales of wasted spare capacity without additional sales and marketing costs, increasing both your revenue and margins.

Just post an INNBATE - a share of your own savings on selling costs and savings for multiple new clients buying your unutilized capacity.

Directly invite target new clients to join you on INNOVO – it’s free, helps them save, and opens a new relationship with them.

Then you simply respond to relevant Buyer Requests, and sell to them as you normally would, along with the share of savings INNBATE, and we do the rest.

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