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How can you save immediately on procurement
from existing Suppliers?

INNOVO generates savings for both Buyers and Suppliers through an anonymous aggregate buying model....
...lowering costs for the Buyer while simultaneously driving new sales for the Supplier

Imagine...saving on your procurement without changing the price

INNOVO is a completely different way of looking at Business-to-Business commerce. At the core - if your Suppliers could generate sales with additional Buyers, it would stand to reason - you could all get a better price. By simply introducing your Suppliers to INNOVO, they find new Buyers, and all that spend is aggregated, creating savings for all - you and your Supplier.

INNOVO is unlike Amazon, Ebay, or Alibaba. INNOVO has turned the process around where Buyers post their needs instead of the Suppliers promoting their wares to the market. The Supplier can elect to respond with a tailored offer to a specific Buyer. The savings offered by each Supplier are confidential and are separate to their price structure. In this way, INNOVO links Buyers, ready to buy something, with Suppliers that have it available.

INNOVO works alongside any existing platforms or processes and follows the natural procurement procedures of a business. Buyers ask their existing Suppliers to post an offer. Suppliers win as more and more Buyers buy from them through INNOVO. These are all qualified leads, ready to buy. All your Supplier needs to do is respond to the requests as they are posted.

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New Direction

Create savings immediately

  • Invite your existing suppliers with one simple statement:
  • “If we introduced you to new customers who would buy a lot more from you, would you give us collectively a better deal?”
  • Leverage the buying power of multiple companies
  • Supplier can also share savings from down its own supply chain

Uses Existing Procurement Processes

  • Ask existing Suppliers to offer a share of their new savings
  • - Existing suppliers’ terms and prices remain in force
  • Post existing procurement request and “e-Handshake” to start generating savings
  • Receive new savings paid to you in cash monthly
  • - managed and audited by 2 of the Big 4 accountancies
Satisfied Buyer
The Key to unlock savings

Real savings…

  • A buyer with an existing telecoms supplier started saving immediately
  • Bank of America saved 25% on employee training
  • Current savings offered averaging 10% across many categories

…simple to use

  • Introduce existing suppliers for immediate savings
  • No change in procurement processes or systems - Works for all goods and services
  • No cost to you, no obligation.....So, why not try it?

Getting started with INNOVO

Before getting started, let's first go over what you can expect and how to best use INNOVO to get the maximum benefit for your company.
INNOVO is unlike Amazon, Ebay, or Alibaba. INNOVO saves money for both Buyer and Supplier down the supply chain and then creating qualified leads from companies ready to purchase. INNOVO links together Buyers, ready to buy a certain product or service, with Suppliers that have it available.

Where the Savings Come From

So start saving now…simply click on "Let's Get Started" and, after registering, begin inviting your existing Suppliers either on your own or though the handy INNVITE feature on the platform. Remember it is easy and at no cost to you. But if you have any more questions, feel free to review a full FAQ or ask us questions directly, but you may want to take a peek at the process ahead before you start yourself by "Taking A Test Drive".

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